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  • CSAAWU Robertson Winery Strike: Rural Resistance in Racist Robertson

    Robertson is a typical Western Cape rural town. As you drive into the town on the main road it is clear that this town still has a relatively vibrant economy. The roads are well kept and are flanked by standard fast food outlets and quaint boutique shops catering to the tourist trade. A little further down the road are the shinning wine and brandy processing plants that, along with tourism, drive the economy of the town… as you drive a bit further however… beyond the sparkling façade of the processing plants, comes the areas where the workers live. Whilst there have been attempts to develop housing, the severe under delivery of said housing can be seen as shack upon shack creep up the hillside creating a stark contrast to the sheen of rich side of town.  

    Little change in 20 years

    It is patently clear just from looking at the geographic layout and contrast between the white owned businesses and houses and black working class existence in this town, that very little has changed here in the last 20 years. You can feel it too, in the attitude of the people of the town, there is a very distinct feeling of repression in this (as in most) rural towns of this racially divided country.

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